Over the last 2 decades Brian “BO$$” Cohen has Owned, Operated, Marketed, or Consulted for 300+ Hospitality venues in over 40 Cities in North America. Mr. Cohen is a master in the Nightlife Industry & Business World.

Since Mr. Cohen has 15 Nightclubs, he decided to open his own Security Company, so he can completely have control over every aspect of his businesses.

Mr. Cohen teamed up with Kwame “Big Will” Williams who has been in the Security business for over 2 decades.

The 2 Men come from different backgrounds, have different strengths and connections, however combined they are the “Dream Team” in security. Cohen is a fast talking, organized business man, while Williams is the enforcer who knows the security game.

Big City Security is currently a license, bonded and insured Security company.

Big City Security is owned by Boss Management Group LLC www.bossmanagementgroup.com which currently owns and operates: Nightlife Empire, We Buy Ugly Nightclubs, Venue Connect, Big City Security, Beverly Hills Hospitality, White Lion Records, Mynt Marketing Group, Distribution Kings, Razor Leads, Baseball Investments & Sports Money Machine.